Residential Customers

Technology is always evolving, and you need a network that keeps up. ISP WiFi doesn’t cut it most of the time. With custom routers from pfSense, and Access Points from Ubiquiti, you can have an enterprise-strong network at an affordable price. Don’t need that much performance? SOHO (Small Office Home Office) routers can provide good performance on the cheap. No need to worry abut setup, we can take care of it all, wired or wireless.

With time, your laptop and desktop slow down, due to cookies, malware, viruses, and just day-to-day usage. Most cases can be resolved with a single visit, with computer cleaning and optional upgrades available for most, if not all computers. Does your dependable machine still runs Windows XP? Windows XP is no longer supported since April 8th, 2014, leaving gaping security holes. Most machines, with some upgrades, can be upgraded to run Windows 10. If not, we can help choose, install, and maintain a new system

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